Transformative NLP-Based Coaching for Service-Minded Business & Community Leaders

▶️  IDEAL for high achievers, people pleasers and perfectionists in leadership/ownership positions.
▶️  YEARS worth of transformation in a matter of HOURS.
▶️  YOU run your business, it doesn't run you.
▶️  YOU run your life, it doesn't run you.
▶️  Profit, power, and peace UP.
▶️  Mess, stress, and conflict DOWN.
▶️  Acquire the CRUCIAL executive mindsets and skills you need for dream-level profitability and joy, forever.
▶️  Master your mind to gain CLARITY on what you can't see and don't know, and fix it.
▶️  CONTROL your time, boundaries,  and emotions even in the most stressful professional and personal situations.
▶️  Navigate difficult conversations and make tough decisions with EASE, power, and a strong sense of self. 
▶️  Shatter even your toughest destructive patterns, habits, and blocks to achieve BREAKTHROUGH without endless talking or painful slogging through your past.
▶️  Become the WORLD-CHANGING force you are meant to be.
▶️  Twelve 60-minute sessions with a TOTAL of less than 2 hours of homework.

"Andreas can do it quicker with 3 times the growth and results that you might ever have even hoped for, and he does it in half the time. I’ve gone from putting out fires and being underappreciated in middle management to the executive position of my dreams and a life I love more than I ever thought I could. Dreamscape work lets you take an honest assessment of where you are in your life/business without guilt or shame." - Laura A., Law Firm COO, Married Mom, 20s

Ready to Redefine Your Success Story?
Your Extraordinary Future Awaits.


Are you a service-minded business or community leader achieving some level of success but struggling to get to the next level you deeply desire? Do you find yourself stuck in a cycle of people-pleasing, perfectionism, and burnout, yearning to  breakthrough your own challenges so you can more deeply impact others, but are feeling unsure or even incapable of the path forward?

If so, the Executive Mindset Acceleratormy 12 session Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) based coaching program, is designed precisely for YOU.


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) maximizes the conversation between your conscious and subconscious minds to facilitate rapid change for achieving the outcomes you want most.

Habit loops and mental blocks that can take years to change through traditional methods can take mere days, hours, or even an instant to transform through NLP.

As a seasoned business and life strategist certified in NLP and Hypnosis, I've spent over twenty years guiding individuals, executives, and business owners through profound, rapid transformations personally and professionally.

And as an executive,  business owner, and dedicated lightworker myself, I have a first person understanding of the real pressures and frustrations you are going through.

No matter the type of person or size of business, no matter the problem you are facing, the key to my clients’ success is always to access the power of the subconscious mind and link it to the life of the conscious mind, allowing for deeper change in less time with better and longer lasting results.

This work has helped clients turn their businesses around from the brink of closure to unprecedented profitability, and propelled them from a life of stress, imbalance, and high-level frustration into a life they never dreamed they could have.

Imagine what this kind of power could do for you.

This is not a drill. This is the real thing.


Imagine a life where clarity, growth, and power are not just aspirations but your everyday, practical reality. And all of this in a matter of hours, with little homework, and without painfully delving into your past or thinking too hard.

❓Are you seeking a new level of clarity, power, cash flow, and satisfaction in your personal and professional life❓


❓Do you want to elevate your leadership skills, communicate effectively, and create a thriving work environment as you grow your business❓


❓Are you grappling with an identity crisis, a career/life transition, or unrealized potential❓


"I came to Andreas for help with clear Communication, Business Structure, and Finances. Through working with him I am able to now set clear expectations and measures for success. His personality and style of coaching motivates me and pushes me to do my best. The training and coaching is life changing, but YOU need to be ready to do the work." Nicole W.,  SMB Owner,  Single Mom, 30s

Ready to Redefine Your Success Story?
Your Extraordinary Future Awaits.


You have big dreams to make the world a better place, but deep down, you're burdened with overwhelm, perfectionism, people-pleasing and a sense of drive that often leads to freeze and burnout. You're on the verge of something more, aware that your potential is vast, but navigating the journey feels like a frustrating uphill battle.


‣ High Achiever

‣ Highly service-oriented

‣ Passionate about self-development

‣ Ambitious


‣ People Pleaser

‣ Perfectionist

‣ Committed to creating a positive impact


‣ Established, but hitting a wall in growth personally or professionally OR

‣ New to a management or executive position OR

‣ A healer or artist crossing into business OR

‣ Transitioning into a new phase of life OR

‣ Heading up a company that is growing faster than you can keep up with OR

‣ Wanting to finally launch your big dream OR

‣ Stuck in an achievement plateau and not able or unsure of how to move up


‣ Overwhelm from managing the complexities of your career and personal life.

‣ People-pleasing as a default mode, overshadowing your values and needs.

‣ Boundary issues, self-doubt, and fear of conflict hindering your growth, leading to avoidance or blowups.

‣ Burnout from high-achieving perfectionism

‣ Living in survival mode, coping instead of thriving

‣ Poor time management, unbalanced schedule

‣ Avoidance of finances

‣ Avoidance of structure

‣ Hidden areas of low self-esteem or low self-confidence

‣ Destructive self-criticism


Our NLP Coaching Program is your gateway to a life of balance, authenticity, and unprecedented success. This journey isn’t about dwelling in the past; it's about swift, streamlined progress. No arduous homework or exhaustive transformations—just efficient, effective, and powerfully practical results.

Break Free from Overwhelm
Problem: Managing all the pieces of your life and business.
Outcome: Schedule and energy balance, higher productivity, and a structured approach to success.

Banish Impostor Syndrome
❌  Problem: Perceived deficiencies in particular elements of business and life affecting confidence.
✅  Outcome: Objective self-assessment, education on key fundamentals, ability to maintain confidence despite knowledge gaps.

Master Conflict Communication
❌  Problem: Fear of conflict leading to avoidance or blowups.
✅  Outcome: Confidence in handling difficult situations, improved relationships, and skill in conflict resolution.

Embrace Self-Love over Self-Criticism
❌  Problem: Burnout from high-achieving tendencies.
✅  Outcome: Motivation from self-love, increased self-esteem, and a positive mindset.

Empower Your Subconscious
❌  Problem: Survival mode and coping mechanisms dominating your life.
✅  Outcome: Proactive decision-making, agency over your reactions, and a life built for growth.

Rediscover Your Authentic Self
❌  Problem: People-pleasing at the expense of your values.
✅  Outcome: Authentic self-expression, a strengthened sense of self-worth, and harmonious relationships.

And more...

✅  Less stress, more time to enjoy your life
✅  Skillful handling of difficult situations
✅  Strategic time management
✅  Skill in objective decision-making
✅  Healing your relationship with money
✅  Healthy self-motivation and self-esteem
✅  Goal achievement fueled by self-love
✅  Self-respect and self-value
✅  Balance and inner peace
✅  Belief in self and capabilities
✅  Authentic self-expression


The testimonials here and throughout this landing page are not just words—they embody the transformations experienced by people who dared to embark on their journey to power. Transformation isn’t a distant idea; it's a reality waiting to unfold.

"I began working with Andreas during a growth period in my business... He gifted me personal and professional insights, growth, and tools that I still use today. Andreas was professional and understanding, pushing me without pushing me away. As a result, my business flourished, growing to new heights. An incredible experience."  - Liz G, SMB Owner, Married Mom, 30's

"Andreas has helped me to trust in myself, to work through fear of failure and embrace success. I have improved at taking charge of my teams and leveraging their talents. Andreas truly believes in his clients and works hard to translate their goals into success. All growth opportunities can be scary. Take a leap of faith, Andreas will catch you." - Michael P, Non-Profit Owner, Married Dad, 40's 

"I have worked with 4 different coaches in the last 6 years and Andreas has been the most beneficial with the most concrete results. I've become a CEO. The problems are still there, but I am looking at the issues with a dose of reality and dealing with them head on. I am able to deal better with my moments of panic and get myself out of an unproductive loop of negative thoughts. I have better boundaries with employees and the company culture is becoming something I am proud of." - Amy G., Multi-SMB Owner, Married, 50's

"I struggled with communication, time management, and stress in my new management role. Andreas helped me communicate effectively, motivate my team, and create valuable resources. Now, I'm happier, more confident, and working towards self-improvement. I’m not just managing; I’m leading with confidence and purpose. The coaching has been a game-changer.”  - Alexis R, Management, Single, 20's

"This approach puts mental reprogramming, self-talk, NLP, and hypnosis into a perspective I love. Seeing myself as a company CEO gives me optimism. Structured coaching makes clarity possible, a priority. It's a shift I've never experienced before." - Drew M., Professional Athlete, Single, 40s

"Honestly, I feel like a god, creating my own reality. Andreas' beliefs and how he stands for them helped me develop mine. He helped me see the Matrix. Capitalism is a tool, not the enemy. He leads by example."  - Karen W., Management, Married, 30's

"Andreas helped me to build my business as an integrated extension of my creative psyche. The year of work with his program brought me the financial stability to thrive during the pandemic and the psychological stability to adjust to sudden changes without succumbing to emotional paralysis." - Dylan B, Professional Writer, Married, 50s

"Working with Andreas was transformational in how I saw my business and myself as a leader. I really needed both a taskmaster (someone to help with accountability), and I needed help with vision. I very much appreciated that he showed up for every session at 100%. I am not this way and it was very beneficial to see that modelled."  - Anna J, SMB Owner, Married Mom, 30's


"Over the last two decades I've owned and operated 4 successful companies, and there is not a single person on this planet that I would trust my personal and professional growth to more than Andreas Kraemer.  I initially came to him experiencing a lack of flexibility, and overwhelm due to taking things on because of my perceived inability to say no. I now feel empowered and at ease, knowing that I can prioritize my life for efficiency and flow."  - Andrew P.,  SMB Owner, Married Dad, 40's

Ready to Redefine Your Success Story?
Your Extraordinary Future Awaits.


Fast, Focused and Practical

Harnessing the capabilities of NLP, our coaching program is designed for swift progress, approachable transformation, and practical integration into your daily life—both in the immediate, near, and distant future. While profound healing takes place, we avoid dwelling on past pain, judgment, and the weight of problems. Our approach is laser-focused on identifying your goals, providing you with the necessary skills to overcome obstacles, and propelling you forward with the ability to sustain your newfound strength.

Holistic Approach 

Our program seamlessly blends direct address with deep emotional empathy. We honor where you are while moving you toward actionable steps that lead to significant outcomes. No extensive homework or complicated exercises—our sessions are compact, powerful, and yield transformative results.

Proven Track Record

We take pride in our clients' success. Not a single client has ever failed to elevate their score on our proprietary 75-point Self-Assessment for Life or Business. These assessments, coupled with deep dives into The Path to Power & Peace as well as Conflict Communication Mastery, form the bedrock of our program.

Efficient and Impactful Sessions

Say goodbye to overwhelming tasks between sessions. With very little homework, the majority of the work takes place during our sessions, which focus on accessing the subconscious to achieve lightning fast results, as well as meditation/visualization techniques and practical grounding exercises for real-world application.


Embark on your transformative journey by choosing one of our tailored coaching tracks—Master You, Master Your Business, or Master Pressure & Stress. Each track offers a distinct focus, guiding you to rapid, tangible results without dwelling in the past.

🎯 MASTER YOU: Become the boss of you.

This track is for you if you're navigating challenges in:

▶️ Mindset: Transform limiting beliefs into empowering perspectives.
▶️ Identity: Rediscover and redefine who you are at your core.

▶️ Relationships: Cultivate meaningful connections with self and others.

▶️ Communication: Master the art of effective and authentic expression.

▶️ Health & Wellness: Achieve holistic well-being for sustained success.

▶️ Career: Align your professional path with your true purpose.

▶️ Finance: Forge a healthy relationship with money and abundance.

▶️ The Big Picture: Leverage your role in the grand tapestry of existence.

MASTER YOUR BUSINESS: Lead your business with power and precision.

This track is for you if you grapple with:

▶️ Leadership Mindset: Transform your approach to leadership.

▶️ Brand Identity: Craft a brand that aligns with your authentic self.

▶️ Marketing: Develop strategies that resonate with your audience.

▶️ Communication: Navigate the corporate landscape with finesse.

▶️ Culture: Foster a work environment that thrives on synergy.

▶️ Structure: Organize your professional life for optimal productivity.

▶️ Finance: Gain control and understanding of your financial landscape.

▶️ LCR (Leader-to-Company Relationship): Strengthen your bond with your business.    

🎯 MASTER PRESSURE & STRESS: Rewire your subconscious to thrive... no matter what.

This track is the right choice for you if many of the following apply to you:

▶️ You find yourself in survival mode more often than thriving.

▶️ You seek a profound shift in how you navigate challenges, threats and stress.

▶️ You spiral or loop and can have difficulty managing your emotions.

▶️ You are experiencing a significant transition in life or business.

▶️ Procrastination, lack of motivation, and dissatisfaction overcome you even though you know you are meant for more.

▶️ You wish to create a new identity aligned with your desired life.

▶️ You're ready to overcome hidden fears, doubts, and self-imposed limitations.

▶️ You want to know and love yourself more deeply than ever before as you grow to new levels in your life and business.


How long are you willing to wait to start the journey you know you need to take?  The one you deserve to take? The one that results in feeling powerful, peaceful and balanced professionally and personally?

Bottom line: time is precious, and if you stay where you are now and how you are now,  you WILL have the same problems 1, 5, 10, or 20 years down the line. The more time passes, the worse having the same problems will feel.

You already know that.

If what you were doing now got you what you wanted, then you wouldn't be reading this page.

How will your future self feel about you when you take this brave step into doing the work, committing to yourself, showing yourself your worth?

How will your future self feel if .... you don't?

Sit in that thought for a real moment, let yourself feel into it.

Or don't, and stay stuck letting your fear and negative voices continue to run your life.

You have the power to choose.

Use it.

"Andreas knows what it's like to be an entrepreneur and the mindset it takes to be successful - not just in business, but in life. He is skillful in his techniques and shows you how to create change for yourself. He's insightful, compassionate, and truly wants the very best for you and you feel that in every interaction. I was stuck, overwhelmed, trying to do too many things and Andreas helped me get focused, release the overwhelm, and give myself permission to enjoy each day and trust that everything is working out. And it is. In less than a year, I've built a business I love, with a team of 5 people working together, during a global pandemic, and we're projected to triple revenue next year."  - Kristine K.,  SMB Owner, Single, 40's

Ready to Redefine Your Success Story?
Your Extraordinary Future Awaits.


My Commitment to You
✅ I WILL be professional, accountable, and fully devoted to your excellence at all times.
✅ I
 WILL be clear and direct while also maintaining flexibility and compassion.
✅ I
 WILL give you everything we have in every session.
✅ I
 WILL hold you accountable firmly and with respect.
✅ I
 WILL base all of our coaching on what you want, not our opinion of where or how you should be.
✅ I
 WILL NEVER discriminate against you or judge you for your gender, race, class, sexuality or orientation, religion or atheism or any other societally perceived difference.
✅ I
 WILL actively encourage, support, and celebrate you to love all of who you truly are and get the most out of yourself, even as we help you guide you to where you want to be.

Your Commitment to Yourself
Show up: Open and ready to work in a judgment-free space.
Complete: The short and powerful homework you will be assigned.
Commit: See the program through to completion for guaranteed results.

"Working with Andreas was transformational in how I saw my business and myself as a leader. I really needed both a taskmaster (someone to help with accountability), and I needed help with vision. I very much appreciated that he showed up for every session at 100%. I am not this way and it was very beneficial to see that modelled."  - Anna J, SMB Owner, Married Mom, 30's


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